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Improved Choice and New Accolades for Vredestein Winter Tyre Ranges

Apollo Tyres is significantly broadening its portfolio of award-winning Vredestein winter tyres this year with the launch of products in 23 new dimensions. Available in diameters from 15 to 22 inches, the new tyres are suitable for compact, family cars and SUVs (Wintrac), and high-performance cars and SUVs (Wintrac Pro). The arrival of the new products coincides with a host of new accolades for the Vredestein winter ranges, conferred by leading European tyre testers.

The latest Vredestein Wintrac, which is being launched in 11 new sizes, is engineered to deliver confidence-inspiring grip on snow- and ice-affected roads. Available for 15- and 16-inch wheels, the Wintrac features a new-generation high-density silica compound that extends tyre life up to an additional 10,000km compared to the previous-generation tyre. There is a 10% improvement in resistance to aquaplaning thanks to improved tread design, and 5% more rubber in contact with the road significantly improves grip on wet and snow surfaces.

The Vredestein Wintrac Pro range, which provides unrivalled performance in the harshest weather conditions at speeds of up to up to 300km/h, is expanded this year with the launch of 12 new dimensions for wheels 17- to 22-inches in diameter. Compared to its predecessor, the latest Wintrac Pro offers 15% better handling in the snow and 10% better braking in the wet, and has a speed rating of Y in most sizes.

Podium places in leading winter tyres tests

Both the Wintrac and Wintrac Pro have performed exceptionally well in a number of leading group tyre tests, establishing the superiority of Apollo Tyres and its Vredestein products in extreme environments.

In Autobild’s largest winter tyre review where 50 products were tested, the Wintrac achieved third place overall; praised for its “convincing all-round talent with dynamic driving characteristics on wet and dry roads, precise steering response, and low rolling resistance.”

The Wintrac also placed third in Auto Motor und Sport’s 2021 winter test, with the German automobile magazine recognising the popular Vredestein tyre in particular for its ‘performance-price’ characteristics. The Wintrac beat products from a host of leading European tyre makers, and received a ‘very good’ overall rating.

The Wintrac Pro has also won recent acclaim, finishing third overall in the AutoBild Sportscars test of winter tyres, receiving an ‘exemplary award’ for “convincing all-round talent with very good winter and wet qualities, stable wet and dry handling, and low price level.”

Additionally, the Wintrac Pro finished fourth overall in the recent AutoBild Allrad test of SUV winter tyres, winning praise for being a “winter specialist with good performance on wet and snowy roads,” and for its “short snow and wet braking distances, high aquaplaning safety, and [its low] price.”

In a collaboration between European car clubs, Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC), Europe’s largest motoring association and Touring Club Suisse (TCS), the largest Mobility Club in Switzerland, tested both of the Vredestein winter tyre ranges against leading rivals. The Wintrac finished fourth overall, performing well on wet and snow, and achieved first place for its grip on ice. Labelled “very recommendable” by the TCS reviewers, the Wintrac impressed TCS for being a “very balanced tyre”, for its durability, and for its low fuel consumption compared to rivals. The Wintrac Pro also performed well and was praised for its performance on both snow and ice, as well as on dry and wet surfaces. Like the Wintrac, it performed well in fuel consumption tests.

In Auto Zeitung, the Wintrac Pro outperformed other tyres in wet and icy conditions. In particular, the tyre impressed the testers with the best traction and deceleration in the snow, as well as extremely high grip levels in the wet. The German publication said the Wintrac Pro tyre is ‘Highly recommended’ and also named it the “price-performance champion.”

Daniele Lorenzetti, Chief Technology Officer at Apollo Tyres, said: “The winter segment is highly competitive and Vredestein products remain in high demand thanks to our continued focus on innovation and performance, and our investment in design and materials. These new tyres are engineered to tackle some of the very worst winter conditions, and it’s very rewarding to see the efforts of our R&D team recognised by some of the leading tyre testers in Europe.”

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