Hot Stamp Robot Marking System

Compact robotic hot stamping coding solution

Desmasa have developed a solution with the objective of improving the product or productive system, responding where standard commercial systems cannot. Their technology is distributed mainly to Europe and America, consolidating them as a leading company in the tyre industry.

Their machines cover all manufacturing processes, from feeding in the raw material mixing zone to final inspection and palletising of the tyre.

they have several patents within the tyre sector that allow them to fully automate tyre manufacturing processes. These patents have been the result of an exhaustive work by their engineering department.

The robot marking system is a solution designed to mark all type and sizes of tyres. The point could be in any color, the machine can be adapted to the needs of the client. Easy to configurate. Designed to be flexible and simplify the tyres marking.

It fits perfectly as an external station of finish testing line, so it can integrate in any production line. It Is a small station perfect for all companies. It can be fully integrated with other machinery, reducing final cycle time.


  • Multiple color
  • Multiple shape
  • Mark one or both sides of the tyre
  • Adjustable radial force
  • Totally adaptable to the tyres shape
  • Quick exchangeable cassette
  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • 3D accuracy marking
  • Compact footprint

The robot solution processes finished tyres using an automatic marking system based on an anthropomorphic robot and a double clamp system with tape marker.

Thanks to the combination of a measured tyre by a laser sensor and the 3D position marking database, the robot is able to achieve a high accuracy performance. Go to their website here.