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Here is What you Need to Know About The New Tyres from Nordexx

The export manager of the NDI Group, Gregers Lindvig explains the most important things to know about the new tyres from Nordexx that will be shown for the first time at The Tire Cologne.

What are the main selling points of your new truck tyre series?
Quality, delivery, and service, I would say. With the new series, we got a an excellent agreement with our factory that gave us the possibility to get access to some of their finest technology and to develop a tyre based on a more premium compound, and most modern tread design ensuring grip in all conditions.

How about the tyre series for industrial machines?
It is a similar story with a stronger focus and quality, and all tyres have EU approval. So you get high quality at a good price and a reasonable range of tyres in the most popular sizes and dimensions.

How about the delivery and service?
We offer our complete, flexible setup that our customers know us for. That means that we both offer direct delivery from our factory but also keep a good amount of tyres in stock at Brørup in Denmark. This gives our customers the flexibility to choose different solutions – whether they need their tyres right now, or they can wait and prefer getting them directly from the factory and saving the extra transport costs.

Do you have an advantage when it comes to the delivery and distribution?
Yes, as we are part of the largest tyre distributor in the Nordics, the NDI Group, we have some favourable deals with various transport companies worldwide. As we distribute more than 2,5 million tyres per year around the world, we are an attractive collaboration partner for transport companies. Therefore, we can offer our customers safe and reliable delivery and good terms to help our customers have success too as retailers of our brand.

What do you look forward to the most this year from taking part in The Tire Cologne?
I am sure I am speaking on behalf of our export team when I say that we look so much forward to meeting our colleagues from the industry again after a long-lasting pandemic and lock-downs. We are very excited finally to meet up like in “the old days” again and pave the road for future partnerships! We have missed this a lot, and nothing can beat going to a conference like The Tire Cologne when it is comes to being updated about what is happening in the industry and creating a lot of new, meaningful connections.