Goodyear presented a totally digital experience at the Solutrans international exhibition of road and urban transport solutions in Lyon, France from 21 to 25 November 2017.   Hi-tech electronic displays let visitors discover the comprehensive range of premium tyres, services and solutions Goodyear offers fleet operators in a new and dynamic way.  This thanks to the technologies used in the displays, such as virtual reality, one of the world’s leading manufacturers illustrated the advanced innovation and technology it offers fleets to reduce operating costs and facilitate tyre management.

The Goodyear Proactive Solutions offer, in particular the tyre pressure monitoring TPMS Solution and the Drive-Over-Reader Solution, was presented in virtual reality, allowing visitors to enjoy a new informative and entertaining experience.

There were no tyres on the stand.  Instead the Goodyear FUELMAX and KMAX low fuel consumption and high mileage tyre ranges were reproduced as holographic images.  The logos and images of tyres were created using propellers with high speed LED technology on a ‘Holobar’.

The Goodyear complete commercial offer of tyres, FleetFirst services and Proactive Solutions were presented on a touch-screen table giving visitors a fun way to find out more by running different experiments using electronic chips.

Solutrans was also on opportunity to celebrate Goodyear Proactive Solutions’ first anniversary. Launched in November 2016, Goodyear Proactive Solutions offers fleet managers an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution to help reduce operational costs and improve fleet utilization, efficiency and durability.