Goodyear Builds on the Relationship With the Legendary Nürburgring

Ahead of the prestigious ADAC TOTAL 24h race at the beginning of June, the Nürburgring has announced that two of its track sections will carry the Goodyear name, expanding a cooperation that has grown for over a decade. On the Grand Prix circuit of the Eifel circuit, the previous “short loop” will in future be known as the “Goodyear loop”. In addition, the hairpin on the south side of the circuit will become the “Goodyear turn”.

In the future, advertising installations – such as the distinctive timing tower on the inside of the “Goodyear turn” – will also show the famous Goodyear Wingfoot icon,  underlining the strong connection between the legendary race track and the successful tire brand. Another sign of the deeper cooperation is also the Nürburgring partner logo, which Goodyear will use in its communication in the future.

“Everyone praises what the Nürburgring has tested” – anyone who has ever visited the Nürburgring knows the historic advertising board that still adorns the Nürburgring’s historic paddock today. And the name still says it all: at the world’s longest race track, just over 25 km long, important research is still being done in the development and optimisation of vehicles and tyres. Goodyear also tests its sportiest products from the UUHP segment (“Ultra-ultra-high-Performance”) here.

The performance of these tyres also convinced the track operators. Since the beginning of the year, Goodyear has been the official tyre partner of the Nürburgring and equips all service and company cars as well as the Nürburgring Driving Academy, the off-road park and the ring°kartbahn. Part of this partnership is also the visual presence on site – not least directly at the start and finish, where the Goodyear VIP Lounge forms a premium event location above the pit lane.