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GitiSport S2 Reaches the European Market – Powered by Sparco®

The ultra-high performance GitiSportS2, carrying the sidewall inscription Giti – Powered by Sparco®, has reached Europe with 22 new and eight existing sizes now having the motorsport slogan.

Aimed at high octane sports cars and SUVs, the branded range includes every low ratio size from 225/45R17 to 315/30R22. All tyres carry an A grade for wet braking with the majority showing a Y speed rating.

The co-branding agreement with global automotive tyre partner Sparco®, the world’s leading manufacturer of motorsport safety systems and racing equipment, was originally announced in March 2023.

The deal, which focuses solely on the Giti brand, is based upon the companies’ shared philosophies and values of ‘racing, performance, research and development and continuous safety’.

Stefan Brohs, Marketing Director – Europe for Giti Tire, said: “In year one we really pushed the Sparco® relationship through our Giti Tire Motorsport activities in Europe, the introduction of our first co-branded tyre for everyday motorists in year two marks a real upturn in our joint activities.

“The GitiSportS2 is one of the most technologically advanced UHP tyres ever developed by the European R&D team, the fact that Sparco® is happy to put their name on the sidewall tells drivers everything they can expect in terms of precise control and braking performance.”

In total, the GitiSportS2 is now available in 63 sizes with rims from 16-22”, section widths from 195-315, series sizes from 30-55, including SUV, and speed indices from V-Y.

Designed using AdvanZtech, the Giti Tire’s globally-integrated, company-wide R&D system, the GitiSportS2 features a compound that offers extremely high levels of grip which has resulted in an A grading for wet braking. Rolling resistance is measured from B-E.

Further design features include four or five longitudinal grooves, dependent on tyre size, for exceptional water drainage, micro-sipes in the contact area for additional suction and grip effect and an optimised pattern block geometry and pitch for low noise and driving comfort.

Fabio Pecci-Boriani, Senior Product Manager PCR, SUV, Light Truck for Giti Tire (Europe), said: “This announcement is the successful outcome of a close collaboration with our customers and feedback from end users, thereby adding more sizes in our range to meet demand.

“We will continue to develop and review our ranges based on the market on which note, in the near future, we will be announcing the next exciting product that will carry the Giti – Powered by Sparco® sidewall.”

The GitiSportS2 was designed and engineered at Giti Tire’s European Research & Development Centre in Hannover, Germany with testing at the company’s MIRA facility in the UK as well as key locations in Germany and Spain.