Giti and GT Radial On Track in Livigno with Magri Gomme

Italy-based Magri Gomme invited 2021’s best performing Giti and GT Radial customers to the ski resort of Livigno to celebrate their achievement and test the latest winter tires.

Customers were taken to the Livigno Ice Driving School to put into practice the theoretical and practical principles of driving on snowy and icy surfaces on the GT Radial IcePro3, the GT Radial WinterPro2 Sport and the new GitiWinterW2.

The brands, which play a central role in the Magri Group’s commercial offering, highlighted their performance including the ability to react to steering and reduced braking distances even at very low temperatures on extreme surfaces.

The event represented a fundamental moment of confirmation for specialists in the sector, giving way to the new management of the Magri Group to reiterate its marketing-oriented strategy, strongly desired by the Executive Manager, Giovanni Masinelli.

The Magri Group follows a selective distribution principle of its products, including the Giti and GT Radial brands, to ensure the best chance for sales success.

Masinelli said: “From the track to the point of sale, the Magri Group and Giti Tire look forward to 2022 with great optimism, with the clear aim of supporting each other to ensure the achievement of their goals in the market.”