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General Tire Market Launch of World’s First AT Tyre with C-Identification for Campers and Vans

General Tire are delighted to announce the introduction of the first all-terrain tyre with a c-identification for campers and vans. The new tyre is available in size 235/65 R16 C.

General Tire has developed this innovative all-terrain tyre particularly for those in search of adventure and who use their van in the simplest way i.e., driving off-road without a specific RV. Size 235/65 R16 C is one of the best-selling in this segment. With its tried-and-tested all-terrain tyre, General Tire meets all the requirements of modern SUVs, vans, pick-up trucks and cross-country vehicles – now also including campers with and without all-wheel drive. The all-season tyre offers a combination of good off-road performance and safe handling characteristics in all weather conditions.

Once again, the engineers at General Tire have listened to the market requirements and introduced their first all-terrain tyre suitable for van and camper applications. Whether it is a 4WD or AWD vehicle being used by breakdown recovery vehicles or utility vehicles working on varied terrains, the Grabber AT3 is ideal for working vehicles that are used off and on road.

The new tyre also meets the requirements of those looking to take their caravans off road. According to the Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD), almost 235,000 recreational vehicles were registered across Europe last year – the second-best result in history after 1980. Demand for campers is particularly high. In total, more than 160,000 new vehicles arrived on the roads in 2020 – around 20 percent more than in the previous year.

Their owners not only drive on asphalt, but some also head off-road on easy terrain, such as tracks or gravel paths. General Tire now has the right tyre for this target group. The new 235/65 R16 C size fits many models as standard, including models based on the Fiat Ducato or Mercedes Sprinter. As a result, new rims or entries in the vehicle papers are not required to equip the camper van with off-road tyres.

When driving off-road, the Grabber AT3 interlocks with the loose surface thanks to its numerous grip edges in the tread, providing optimal transmission of drive and braking forces. The open shoulder of the tread ensures quick self-cleaning and additional traction in mud. Solid blocks from the tyre shoulder to sidewall, in combination with stacked deflection ribs, protect the tyre against lateral damage from stones, rocks and other foreign bodies.

What’s more, the pattern benefits from being classified with the 3PMSF marking, providing superb performance in wintry conditions. Whether for leisure purposes or for use on a working vehicle, this is the tyre for the job.

The size has been approved for motor vehicles for speeds of up to 106 mph, the load capacity is 1450 kg for individual mounting and 1360 kg for dual fitment (load indexes 121 and 119 respectively).

A full range of General Tire 4×4 and van tyres are available exclusively through Micheldever Tyre Services. For more information on the General Tire range and availability contact 01962 774700 or visit