General Tire have launched the latest in their summer tyre range, the Altimax One and Altimax One S in Estoril, Portugal. Over 160 guests from across Europe got to put to the latest General Tire products to the test, providing first-hand experience of the exceptional grip across the twisty roads in Portugal. During the launch, 40 guests of Micheldever were given an in-depth overview of the robust nature and requirements demanded of General Tire products.

As successors to the Altimax Comfort and Altimax Sport, the Altimax One & Altimax One S offer reliable dry performance, increased wet grip and mileage, allowing total confidence in enjoying every curve of the road.

The Altimax One features a three-groove tread pattern, designed to deliver precise handling and safe braking in dry conditions. In wet conditions the large number of gripping edges provide drivers with increased traction and confidence when conditions get tough. During the launch phase, the Altimax One will be available in 12 sizes for rims from 15 inches, including fitments for popular compact models such as the VW Polo.

The Altimax One S features a four-groove tread pattern, designed to fit higher performance sizes to ensure improved water dispersal at higher speeds, further supporting drivers with confidence in every curve. The Altimax One S will initially be available in 37 sizes for rims from 15 to 20 inches and covers a broad selection of vehicles from compact to mid-size high performance models including popular models such as the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Further expansion of the range will take place through 2020 and 2021.

These tyres are approved for speeds of up to 300 km/h, offering total confidence and assured driving through corners and at speed. The Altimax One & Altimax One S offer improved EU label ratings across the whole range, with the majority of launch sizes gaining a B rating for wet grip and C for rolling resistance.

“This is an exciting launch for General Tire in Portugal. Our latest passenger tyres offer total confidence during everyday adventures. Launching to Micheldever guests, our Altimax One and Altimax One S offered a great opportunity to experience first-hand through an extensive driving tour, the impressive performance of our latest products.” Said Matthias Bartz, General Tire Business Development Manager for the EMEA Region.

Graham Mitchell, Wholesale Director for Micheldever Group added ‘General Tire is a very successful brand, with adventure and top performance at the heart of its product ranges. The Altimax One & Altimax One S introductions only strengthen the brand and it was great to show dealers first hand the exceptional product offering. ”

Both the Altimax One and Altimax One S feature General Tire’s unique Visual Alignment Indicator(VAI) and Replacement Tire Monitor (RTM) technology.

The VAI (Visual Alignment Indicator) allows the vehicle owner to check for wheel misalignment, therefore reducing the risk of premature tyre wear. These indicators can be found on the perimeter of the tyre and are identifiable by two short sipes on the shoulders of the tyre. Uneven wear of these sipes indicate an issue with the alignment.

The RTM (Replacement Tire Monitor) indicates to the vehicle owner when the tyre is reaching its minimum tread depth. This can be found in the centre of the tyre and appears as the inscription Replacement Tire Monitor, as the tread wears away Replace Tire will appear. General Tire recommends that motorists should change tyres at 3mm.