Garages and workshops are being urged to check that their websites are voice-search friendly, or they could lose potential new customers, according to Dragon2000.

Voice search is significant and is rapidly growing according to the latest research from Google trends, which shows that queries associated with voice-related commands are now 35 times larger since 2008, when voice searching technology was first launched.

Mark Kelland, Commercial Manager of Dragon2000 comments: “Voice search should be a consideration when it comes to SEO. Whilst consumers might type in two or three keywords into a search engine, when doing a voice search via Siri or Google voice etc., they tend to speak in complete sentences and talk to the search engine the same way they would speak to a person.

“Garages and workshops need to ensure they have quality content on their websites, so that consumers are more likely to find them when they embark on a search, whether by voice, or by typing into a search engine. It is important to make website content voice-search friendly and include content that is made up of engaging, readable sentences which are relevant for their business, rather than just lists of keywords. This will help garages and workshops maximise the potential for online leads and enquiries.

“Another important point is that as the majority of voice searches will be coming from mobile phones or tablet devices, it’s vital that garages and workshops have a mobile responsive website, making it user friendly on any device. Security has also been a hot topic recently, so having an SSL certificated website also reassures visitors that the garage or workshop website is secure and genuine – regardless of how they found the site.”