Firestone Launches First-Ever Off the Road Radial Tyre Line-Up to European Market

Firestone, the iconic tyre brand renowned for its durable and reliable products, launches its first-ever off the road (OTR) radial tyre line-up for E/L tyres to the European market, the MULTI BLOCK T. Perfect product for dealers, rental companies or fleets looking for a cost-conscious product, the multi-application tyre promises lasting, dependable quality.

Continuous operation with less downtime

The Firestone MULTI BLOCK T is the result of years spent identifying and understanding the customer needs and necessary balance between loaders and articulated dump trucks.

The Firestone MULTI BLOCK T’s casing and pattern design suppress vibration and provide a broad operating range; the tyre’s sidewall and tread are designed with excellent cut resistance to help avoid unexpected damage and subsequent downtime. Its tie bars limit lug flex and movement for long, even wear, while the MULTI BLOCK T’s non-directional pattern design provides good, even wear tendency; the tyre’s open shoulder design contributes to its traction performance.

Together, these developments in design and engineering have resulted in a cost-effective tyre that offers continuous operation with less downtimeand lasting tyre life with a trouble-free ownership experience. It is the perfect tyre to hold on local stock for unexpected site needs.

Designed for versatility

Created for both loaders and articulated dump trucks, the Firestone MULTI BLOCK T is both an L3 and E3 tyre. The tyre is available to the European market from April 2021 in five key sizes: 17.5R25, 20.5R25, 23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25.

“The MULTI BLOCK T is a dependable tyre that’s been designed with versatility front of mind,” said Martin Prestage, Head of OTR Sales at Bridgestone EMIA, “it’s the result of significant time and investment to uncover the perfect solution for both applications. The Firestone brand is all about providing durable, reliable and cost-effective products, and our latest OTR tyre embodies all of these qualities. It’s fantastic to see such a historic brand still produce firsts.”