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As the growth of TPMS continues its rapid acceleration across Europe, and an increasing number of cars are fitted with sensors requiring maintenance when tyres are replaced, it is important for businesses to be equipped with tools that make dealing with TPMS as quick and easy as possible – while also creating the opportunity to generate additional revenue through TPMS servicing.

For businesses starting out in TPMS or looking for a second device to supplement a more advanced tool, the VT36 is low-cost and easy to use; offering all the core functions needed to work with TPMS in day-to-day business. As a mid-range option, Tyresure’s VT46 contains all the same features, but can also be upgraded with an OBDII module to perform the necessary relearn procedures.

At the top of the range is Tyresure’s ‘expert’ tool, the VT56. This advanced tool includes all the features needed to efficiently deal with TPMS, but also comes with extensive memory storage of up to 65,000 vehicles, an OBDII module, ethernet cable (for Wi-Fi capability), and carry case; with a printer or tread depth gauge available as accessories. The new streamlined version of this tool, the VT56 SE, provides many of the same features but is a lower cost alternative.

Also included in the range are the H36 and H46 tools from Hamaton, which offer free updates for 5 years and an extended 2-year warranty. These tools are designed to program Hamaton sensors, but also read all OE sensors, and can be upgraded to program all popular aftermarket sensors.

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