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02 October 2018 – Leading tyre manufacturer CST has announced that it will be unveiling four brand new products at this year’s INTERMOT event. The leading motorcycle expo, taking place in Cologne, Germany, allows CST to showcase four innovative tyre patterns for the very first time: the CM-SR race tyre, the CM-547 scooter tyre, as well as off-road pairings, CM-723/724 and CM-733/734.

The CM-SR is a high-performance motorcycle tyre that expands CST’s racing offering. It features a specially designed compound that quickly reaches and maintains top speeds, as well as a specific damping design on the sidewall to ensure riders experience a smooth and competitive ride in every race.

Alongside its new racing tyre, the CM-547 adds another dimension to the brand’s scooter tyres range. Perfect for urban travel and available in a range of sizes, the premium scooter tyre delivers exceptional, long lasting performance on both dry and wet surfaces. Features include a diamond knurl design that provides excellent water dispersal and anti-slide characteristics, as well as extensive grooves and thin slits to further improve wet grip efficiency.

CST also intends to give INTERMOT attendees a glimpse of its two new off-road pairings. The CM-723/724 is designed for enduro racing, with competitors getting their hands on FIM approved tyres. As well as being street legal, the combination features shoulder knobs which are designed to offer more grip and stability when cornering. Meanwhile, the CM-733/CM-734 pairing is engineered with off-road riding in mind, coming equipped with siped knobs to ensure excellent performance on soft terrain.

Speaking ahead of the INTERMOT event, CST’s marketing manager, Channi Revell commented: “INTERMOT is an incredibly exciting time for all of us at CST. As one of the biggest motorcycle exhibitions in the world, it’s the perfect time to be showcasing four brand new tyre patterns that live up to the proud history of innovation and standards of excellence at CST. The new tyres offer riders even more choice from our extensive range of products and we can’t wait to let everyone know about them at INTERMOT 2018.”

CST is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers with over 50 years of experience and success in the industry. With leading manufacturing processes and innovative technology, CST produces some of the best tyres currently available on the market today.

The new tyre patterns from CST will be on display at the INTERMOT event in Cologne, Germany, from 3rd-7th October 2018.