evo Describes GT Radial SportActive 2 as ‘a Good Tyre’ in 2021 Performance Test

The GT Radial SportActive 2 has excelled in the evo 2021 performance tyres test, holding its own across 11 tough driving measurements while recording first and joint first in curved and straight line aquaplaning respectively.

Finishing an overall sixth in a field of nine mostly premium brands, evo stated: ‘The SportActive 2 excelled in the aquaplaning tests and performed well on the wet circuit too. It was less dynamic on the dry track but was liked on the road route for its decent steering connection and ride. A good tyre.’

Both wet and dry track tests consisted of a lap time assessed both objectively and subjectively, as well as circles and braking. The magazine also looked at rolling resistance and the handling and feel of each tyre on a road route.

Tests were carried out in an Audi S3 with a Haldex-style four-wheel-drive system in the UK’s best-selling UHP size of 225/40ZR18 92Y XL.

Fabio Pecci-Boriani, Senior Product Manager PCR, SUV, Light Truck for Giti Tire (Europe), said: “The fact that our new GT Radial SportActive 2 was quoted as being ‘a good tyre’, and has beaten established premium brands in certain tests, is something that makes us all proud.

“evo magazine selected and purchased the best UHP products in the market and pushed them to their limits, so to be awarded first in curved aquaplaning and second in straight line aquaplaning is simply fantastic.

“It is yet another independent test that confirms the established quality of our new GT Radial products, and it motivates us even more to continue developing further our product range which will benefit from more new products and additional range extensions in 2022.”

Launched at the start of the year, the GT Radial SportActive 2 delivered a 15% improvement in wet braking and 10% enhancement in wet handling and aquaplaning resistance against the previous model.

The performance advancements, all recorded against the original GT Radial SportActive, also show a 5% boost in mileage potential, dependent upon driving characteristics, and low external noise of just 69db.

The impressive developments have seen the tyre achieve an A grade in wet grip across the entire PCR range, with B-D in rolling resistance on the EU tyre label.

The GT Radial SportActive 2 is available in 42 sizes with rims from 16-21”, section widths from 195-295, series sizes from 35-55 and with speed indices across V-Y.

Certain vehicle specific tyres will carry an SUV marking on the sidewall to highlight their specialisation.

The tyre was designed and engineered at Giti Tire’s European Research & Development Centre in Hannover, Germany, where the project scope was for the everyday driver to ‘feel the difference’ against its predecessor.