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Dual-Rim Solutions Ready for Delivery to European Farmers

The NDI Group, a Danish producer of specialised rims and dual-rim solutions for the farming industry, has produced large stock of dual-rims ready for export to help European farmers benefit to reduce soil compaction and improve efficiency.

The demand for customised dual-rim solutions from the Danish company NDI Group is increasing. With a new upgrade of the factory in Denmark in place, the company has prepared for the coming season to help more European farmers access a wide range of customised dual-rim solutions for quick delivery through its dealer network in Europe.

“For the first time, we have produced a large stock of around 1.500 units of our AP+ dualrim solutions in more than ten different dimensions that are now being stored in our warehouse. They only need to be painted, and then they are ready for quick delivery for customers in the farming industry all over Europe through our dealers. While this has enabled us to deliver dual rims very quickly, it has also released capacity in the factory to reduce the production time of our customised, welded rims. Now the production time is down to only a week, says Carsten Andersen, export manager at the agricultural division of the NDI Group.

Reduces soil compaction

Since 1975, the NDI Group in Denmark has produced dual rims and customised, welded rim solutions for farmers. Since then, the demand has been growing in the local market, and in the last ten years, the company has continuously increased its exports of Danish-produced solutions.

“The increasing demands for efficiency and increasing governmental regulation, many European farmers look for new ways to optimise their farming methods. Here, dual rim solutions can be a good solution to help decrease soil pressure and even be combined with VF-tyres, making it possible to lower the tyre pressure and reduce soil compaction to a minimum, says Carsten Andersen and continues:

“This is one of many ways to help farmers stay competitive and get ahead in the uncertain times that many experiences these days. With our to-date largest stock of dual rims, we can help farmers invest in the future and utilise all the great benefits of reducing soil compaction. We can deliver to any country in Europe, and farmers and other professionals in the agricultural industry are welcome to contact us to help get them in contact with dealers. Moreover, we also welcome dealers who may be interested in hearing more about the opportunities to establish a collaboration with us.”

The export department of the NDI Group is located at the headquarters in Denmark in Brørup. It serves customers from the agricultural industries from more than 40 countries around the world, speaking more than ten languages, including English, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Italian, and Romanian, among others.