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Building on its success in the FIA World Rally Championship and various regional and national championships around the world, DMACK has launched a new range of asphalt tyres aimed specifically at the growing category of historic and classic rallying.

To celebrate the new launch, DMACK dealers will be offering 15% discount on standard pricing during August and September 2018.

The new range of e-marked DMT-F Classic tyres may be targeted at competitors racing historic machinery, but the new products boast a number of state-of-the-art developments.

A new tread pattern has been specifically designed to meet recent FIA directions regarding historic rally tyre regulations. The single pattern has been developed to deliver the best possible performance and safety in dry, mixed and wet conditions – delivering greater flexibility for competitors with the ability to easily mix compounds.

The historic tyre is available in four compounds: hard, medium, soft and extra soft – with the extra soft securing grip and safety in full wet conditions.

The construction design and optimised profile delivers the best possible footprint, delivering improved lateral grip and enhanced traction and braking performance.

Three initial sizes are available – 225/45R13, 215/45R15 and 235/40R17 – and the range will be expanded over the coming months.

Dick Cormack, DMACK managing director, said: “We’ve focused on building sales throughout 2018 and this new DMT-F Classic range fills a gap in the market for performance historic vehicles. The single-pattern, e-marked tyre will offer competitors a greater degree of flexibility, especially on events where conditions become mixed.”

Fiore Brivio, DMACK technical director, said: “The tread pattern has been developed to meet new FIA directions for future tyre regulations and we’ve come up with an asymmetric pattern which will deliver the best possible combination of performance and safety on asphalt events.”