Davanti Impresses at Latin Tyre Expo

This month, Davanti were delighted to attend the Latin Tyre Expo, which proved to be another hugely successful event for their expansion across the territory.

As a result of their rapidly-growing brand presence in recent years, the show gave them the opportunity to meet with existing customers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia.

They were also visited by prospective customers from countries such as Bolivia and Paraguay, areas in which they are yet to secure distribution.

Their stand was well located, meaning they had a steady influx of visitors taking an interest in their product range on display. Among the popular products was their soon-to-launch mud terrain tyre, Terratoura M/T, and an expansion of the Protoura range, set to launch in 2024.

Amilcar Lanzon, Davanti international sales & marketing executive for Latin America, said:

“The expo enabled us to meet almost all of our existing customers in the region which was hugely valuable. We were busy on the stand but the vast majority of the visitors came from countries where we already have a presence. That being said, we also had the opportunity to develop new relationships with key contacts from areas that we are keen to expand into, so overall it was a very positive event for the brand.”

 Talking about the stand, Amilcar said: “The stand in my opinion was one of the best at the expo, it was very professional which helped to attract a lot of visitors.”