Many of us who work with vehicles will know that the wheels are one of the filthiest part of the vehicle. Think that reaching for disposable gloves is the failsafe option? Think again! Gloves are a good barrier, and therefore are great at preventing contaminants like oil and brake dust coming into contact with the skin. However, they can be the cause of some nasty skin complaints when worn for long period of time.

You might have noticed that your skin starts to soften and wrinkle when wearing disposable gloves – this is because moisture can become trapped. This forms a moist, warm environment under the gloves, ideal for bacterial growth. Any small cuts which are present on the skin can soon become painfully infected, impacting your ability to work with your hands – essential when working with tyres and wheels. Even if this isn’t the case, a constant warm, damp environmentcan weaken the skin, and if it happens regularly, can cause disorders such as dermatitis.

Swarfega recommend the following when using disposable gloves:

  • Apply protection cream to the skin before wearing gloves.
  • Remove gloves regularly and allow the skin to dry out.
  • Use a suitable hand washing product – only use harsh hand cleaners if the skin is heavily soiled, as they can potentially further aggravate the skin if used unnecessarily.
  • After work and after washing the hands, use moisturising gel to help restore the skin’s natural balance.
  • Avoid re-using disposable gloves.

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