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CV Show 2022: Atlas Copco Exhibits

Meeting the equipment needs of automotive workshops, bodyshops and tyre/exhaust bay operators, Atlas Copco’s stand 4A10 displays advanced developments in compact piston and rotary screw air compressors, breathing air purifiers, and the latest on-site nitrogen generators – all solutions designed to offer compact dimensions, simple operation, and dependable, energy-efficient performance.

 As an example of these qualities, and for a low-cost compressed air supply, the Automan AC 75 unit on show is part of Atlas Copco’s AC series of receiver-mounted, belt-driven, oil-lubricated compressors. Designed with cast iron cylinders and low-speed pistons for durability and long service life, they require minimal space, are easy to manoeuvre, and are supplied as a ready-to-use system, complete with adjustable pressure regulator, pressure gauges (receiver pressure and regulated outlet pressure), and quick coupling for ease of use.

Further on up the scale of compressor technology to be seen on the stand, Atlas Copco offers the ‘Professional’ range that includes small rotary screw compressors, such as the 4kW, tank-mounted G4 -10 FF unit. Quiet and compact, the G range units are designed for optimum performance with low maintenance costs, monitoring and control options, and a 100% duty cycle which means the compressors are capable of running 24/7.

The G compressor’s essential benefit is its minimal footprint making it ideal for small premises where space is at a premium, allowing installation at the point of use directly on the production line or in the workshop.

With the needs of the automotive paint shop in mind, operator safety is assured with Atlas Copco’s BAP(+) breathing air purifier units. Combining the functions of water separation, contaminant filtration and desiccant drying, BAP(+) breathing air purifiers help to ensure that workplace air is free from fumes, oils, vapours, gases, solid particles, and micro-organisms. Some 30% smaller than other units on the market, these purifiers comply with a wide range of industry standards and regulations.

One predominant message from the show stand is that operators currently buying bottled nitrogen gas can reduce their nitrogen costs to as much as one tenth by switching to an on-site, point-of-use nitrogen generator, such as the featured NGM1 unit. In keeping with Atlas Copco’s NGMs series, this plug and play generator is designed to meet low-flow N₂ requirements and to ensure a continuous, reliable supply of nitrogen with a stable purity from 95% to 99.5%.

The generator’s small footprint and very quiet running mode allows installation at the point of use. Its low-cost operation, based on a simple membrane separation process with no moving parts and minimal maintenance needs, results in a system that offers users an attractive return on investment.

Finally, with a view to improving safety for commercial vehicle operators, the Atlas Copco showcase is completed with a demonstration of the SRB HA, the most advanced design within the latest generation of battery nutrunners, developed to ensure the total integrity, traceability and data-driven insight of wheel fastening operations.

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