CST Team Finishes The 2021 Dakar Rally

After 8,000 kms of dust, dunes and the toughest endurance race in the world, five out of six buggies of the CST-supported Xtreme+ team finished the 2021 Dakar Rally. Four of them were in the SSV category in impressive P20, P26, P27 and P28 positions, and one in the Car category in P48.

The multicultural team with drivers from all over the world and 6 buggies in total, worked their way through every stage and scored incredible results from the individual stages, with the final best ranking the 20thposition with rookie driver Liam Griffin and co-driver Stephane Duple in the SSV category.

As it does every year, Dakar has its challenges and for the Xtreme+ team it was no different. Following engine problems, a broken gear box, navigation problems and more, the drivers managed to finish every stage in strong positions considering their setbacks. They learnt from their mistakes quickly, improving their trajectories the next day.

Equipped with the new CST Apache tire, designed for the toughest desert challenges, the team suffered very few punctures throughout the entire race, even on the toughest stages. The CST Apache had effective traction and stability in the toughest environments which ranged from sand to rocks to gravel and hard pack in some areas.

“The new CST Apache is just amazing, every day we drive 400 km in stone, sand, rocks and it’s so solid that it can run all day on the same pressure!”said  Marco Piana, team manager.

Having achieved the finisher’s medal, the team is very happy with the results and the journey of the last few weeks. They are already looking forward to meeting next year for their next Dakar adventure.