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CST has announced it will be further expanding its UK ATV tyre portfolio with the addition of the Stag and Behemoth. This decision will add a new dimension to CST’s already impressive and diverse product offering.

The launch of the Stag and Behemoth ranges coincides with the hopeful anticipation of warmer, dryer weather conditions bought about by the British summer. Whilst the Stag is an all-weather, all-conditions tyre that offers fantastic year-round performance, the Behemoth has been designed with dryer conditions in mind and is classed as an intermediate ATV tyre, designed to conquer any trail in woodlands or desert environments. The aggressive tread pattern provides hard-hitting grip when accelerating, whilst also offering control in ruts. Features such as the deep, ridged shoulder lugs provide cornering traction, predictable sliding and extra sidewall protection.

The technical innovations behind the Behemoth also enable users to enjoy lower rolling resistance in hard pack conditions and confidence at high speeds on the trail.  The tyre’s 8-ply-rating ensures durability and reliability on any terrain, allowing drivers to unleash the full potential of their ATV.

The Stag, on the other hand, is the perfect “do-it-all” tyre for an ATV, allowing drivers to combat arid, hard pack, rocky and soft conditions. The tyre’s aggressive, non-directional tread pattern is engineered to clear out debris to maintain grip, while its 6-ply rated radical carcass absorbs rocks, roots and bumps to offer a softer ride and lasting durability in any terrain.

In line with the recent launch of the Behemoth and Stag ATV tyres to the UK, newly appointed European Marketing Manager, Channi Revell, comments: “We are all very excited about the launch of the tyres to the UK market. Both tyres offer fantastic value for money for our customers and will add to CST’s pre-existing product range.”

The Behemoth and Stag are now available to purchase from a number of dealers in the UK or via distribution partner Bickers.