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For an industry that faces in multiple directions at any one time: to its suppliers; to its work force; and to the consumer, any product that reduces and controls complexity is of sound benefit. It is for this reason that MeadCo’s product, ScriptX, is proving so valuable in the automotive industry, offering the user control of all printing.

ScriptX provides controlled, consistent and efficient printing from Internet Explorer. It enables all printing requirements to be fulfilled from every networked Windows computer wherever those linked computers may be.

In use across the globe, ScriptX is helping to increase efficiency and share relevant information accurately because it enables the user to take precise control of printing of browser-hosted content on Microsoft Windows.

ScriptX works to improve procedures and communication in key areas:

  • In dealerships for the printing of all paperwork used daily in sales and in servicing: order forms, service reports, vehicle emissions documentation, MOT paperwork, maintenance records
  • At the factory for testing records, parts labelling, parts packing documents, shipping paperwork, delivery documentation
  • For automotive events: printing of application forms, logistics paperwork, labels, badges and all required print items for trade-show and exhibitions, such as for national and international motor shows
  • For the HGV industry: delivery documentation, driver logs, logistics paperwork, maintenance records
  • For reports required: damage, safety, workshop, insurance reports

Jerry Mead, CEO of MeadCo – the UK creators of ScriptX – said: “For all sectors within the automotive industry there is a need for items to be printed quickly, consistently and professionally to operate at the highest level of efficiency. With ScriptX, items printed from Internet Explorer will have consistent headers, footers, margins, orientation and much more. This is essential for busy organisations, where standardisation and total control are required. Once the particular print job is complete, the individual user’s default print settings are automatically restored.”

Further details of how ScriptX can be deployed to enhance printing capabilities are available at