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Continental Tyres Extends E-Mobility Strategy to Secondary Brands

From now on, all newly launched passenger car and 4×4 tyre lines from Continental’s secondary brands in Europe and the UK, will carry the EV-Compatible logo on the sidewall. Continental is thus further expanding its product strategy for electric vehicles. All of the company’s new tyres meet the high requirements of electric vehicles and at the same time support conventionally powered vehicles in driving efficiently and safely.

In addition to the tyre sidewall, Continental will also use the logo in all ordering systems and marketing materials online and offline, as well as on the sales floor. For selected current tyre models of the brands Barum, General Tire, Mabor, Matador, Semperit, Uniroyal and Viking, which are already optimised for electric vehicles, the logo will be used in all ordering systems with immediate effect

Customised Tyre Configurations for Every Vehicle

Hybrid and all-electric vehicles are now available in all passenger car segments, from small cars to large sedans. As with internal combustion vehicles, electric vehicles require unique tyre configurations. For high performance and long-range internal combustion and electric vehicles, the focus is on handling and mileage-oriented tyres, while small cars require low rolling resistance to optimise fuel and power consumption. In principle, vehicles of all powertrain types benefit from technological advances in tyre development.

“With the arrival of electro mobility, our development focus has changed in certain areas. We have used the past few years to intensively optimise our entire tyre portfolio for all drive systems,” says Maria Hanczuch, Head of Program Management Private Mobility EMEA at Continental. “Today, we can say with conviction that our tyres are always the right choice, regardless of the drive system.”

The current tyre strategy for electric vehicles also offers great advantages for the tyre trade, as Continental is not unnecessarily increasing the complexity of its product portfolio. This simplifies warehousing, ordering and logistics processes and saves valuable resources from the production to the mounting of a tyre.