Continental PremiumContact 7 to be Launched this Autumn

The new PremiumContact 7 will be available to retailers as early as autumn 2022. With new technologies and design adjustments, the handling, braking ability and ride comfort of the PremiumContact 7 have once again been improved compared to its predecessor. During development, Continental placed great emphasis on designing an all-rounder tyre for combustion engine, electric and hybrid vehicles.

The PremiumContact 7 is preceded by the award-winning PremiumContact 6. Since its release in 2016, the PremiumContact 6 has secured many awards in the UK and Europe, with recent wins including first place in the Tyre Reviews 2020 Ultimate Summer tyre test and Best Tyres for Large Family Cars in the 2022 DriverReviews Customer Choice Awards.

The PremiumContact 7 will build on these successes. With 50 sizes available by the end of the year, PremiumContact 7 will cover a wide variety of different vehicles.