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Continental Launches New VanContact™ Ultra

The VanContact™ Ultra has been designed to offer economical driving, even in urban environments, with low rolling resistance and very high mileage – achieved through the use of the latest generation of functionalised polymers in the tread compound.

The reinforced sidewalls ensure the tyre is as robust as possible, to guarantee a long service life – protecting the sensitive sides of the tyre against damage from contact with the kerb, which is often unavoidable on urban delivery routes.

“Stone stoppers” are also included in the outer two grooves to prevent the teeth intermeshing between any rubber and stones, and to ensure that any objects that penetrate are quickly ejected.

And to enhance comfort in the cabin, the closed outer shoulder on the tread design keeps tyre and road noise particularly low.

18 different variations of the new delivery van tyre will be manufactured this year, for rims between 15 and 17 inches in diameter and for load capacities of up to 1,450 kg (load index 121) – approved for speeds up to 130mph. Production of the first VanContact™ Ultra sizes started in March 2022.

The new VanContact™ Ultra achieved the following EU tyre label certification: a “B” rating in rolling resistance, the top “A” grade for wet braking distance and a “B” for rolling noise.