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Continental Adds Value for Motor Technicians with Electric Vehicle Training

Continental Automotive is an approved IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) Centre and can deliver a full electric and hybrid electric vehicle training programme from its Birmingham headquarters.

We are pleased to see such a lot of interest in the Electric Vehicle training courses with very positive feedback from those candidates who have already attended. We really do feel these courses are crucial given the direction of the automotive industry towards electrification explained Stuart West, Tachograph Product Manager and Training Centre Co-ordinator at Continental Automotive.

“There is currently a serious deficit in the number of automotive technicians trained to work on electric and hybrid vehicles – latest data suggests just over 5% are currently qualified. We have, therefore, invested in enhancing our training to bring these new technologies into scope to support automotive professionals who want to enhance their skills, and give motorists confidence that their electric and hybrid vehicles can be serviced and maintained safely.

“It is great to be a part of such an important movement, and we are delighted  to be able to continue supporting the automotive industry in offering courses that will help to fill this skills gap, making a real difference in the automotive World”, concluded West.

SMMT data in May 2021 showed that eletric vehicles fill 23% of the new vehicle market, however only 6.5% of the automotive sector were ‘EV ready’.

Many OEM’s have recently communicated ambitious targets to make their vehicles electric, in some cases, converting their full range to all electric as early as 2024. The IAAF recently shared a GiPA forecast stating that by 2025, electrified vehicles will potentially represent up to 21% of the UK passenger car vehicle parc. Now more than ever, there is a massive need for EV training!

This is also great news for technicians, when considering over the last 4 years the average salary of a technician with EV skills is around £7,000 higher than a technician without.

Why would you chose Continental as an EV Training Provider?

Continental are the forefront of new technology and developments within the EV sector.  Eleven  EV Continental components went into the new Volkswagen ID3, so as an approved OE parts manufacturer we feel that we have an excellent knowledge of this new technology.

The Continental courses consist of:

The courses range from 1 – 3 days and cover Awareness, Routine Maintenance, Repair and Replacement and Diagnosis.  There is the opportunity to attend the full set of courses or just one or two to suit the garage requirements.

All the electric and hybrid vehicle training courses will be regulated by OFQUAL and quality assured by the IMI as the Awarding organisation – once qualified, technicians receive a nationally recognised certificate.

To book EV Training courses on the Continental website please visit:

Continental Automotive