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Coming Soon | The First NFC Enabled TPMS Sensor by Hamaton

Hamaton, who are committed to developing the most technologically advanced TPMS solutions, is proud to be the first leading TPMS manufacturer to integrate Near-Field Communication (NFC) into its forthcoming universal sensor.

In short, NFC allows two forms of technology to exchange data when in proximity. NFC has become an increasingly popular way to accelerate everyday tasks, such as making payments, gaining admittance and earning rewards (to name but a few) with a smartphone. And soon, users will be able to quickly configure/program the next-generation Hamaton sensor via a free app – coming to Google Play – on their NFC enabled Android device.

This small yet innovative piece of technology will revolutionise the automotive aftermarket by making TPMS accessible to everyone, especially those looking for an inexpensive way to start capitalising on TPMS. Companies can save money on licence subscriptions, as all app updates will be free-of-charge. Furthermore, most people already have a good understanding of smartphone functions so companies can keep training – another usually high cost – to a minimum.

Other advantages include boosted productivity and no potential for error due to NFCs short transmission range. Users can configure/program a sensor or a group of sensors consecutively with just a tap and avoid interfering with others in the vicinity.

The user-friendly app is ideal for managing large volumes because it notifies the user if a sensor has been processed and records how many were configured/programmed, removing any uncertainty.

Additionally, the aptly named EU-Pro Hybrid NFC will boast the same great features as its predecessor. Therefore, it will be configurable and programmable and have four valve stem options, including a Graphite Clamp-In, which perfectly matches the alloy wheels finish.

Please contact a member of Hamaton’s sales team via if you would like any further information.