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Chicago Pneumatic launches its solution to take the strain out of tyre changing and general mechanic applications on Heavy vehicle maintenance. The CP87029 ERGOSEAT is designed with the operator comfort in mind. The key benefits to the seat are ease of movement with its 360° swivel front wheels and 2x 45° tool suspension arm rotation along with the disc seat for multi-position sitting.

Equipped with its own Industrial Duty Filter/Regulator/Lubricator it ensures the tools used in conjunction with it receive the correct air operating pressure. There is also a heavy-duty tool balancer positioned below the seat to feed the strong wire cable to the support arm to taking the weight of the tool being used. This enable the operator to concentrate on the job in hand and not have to support the weight of the tool directly.

Other helpful touches are the socket tray located in easy arms reach at the front of the seat and the air inlet connection at the side of the seat.  At just 510mm in width and 1100mm in length the ‘ERGOSEAT’ can easily be used between two vehicles. It is robust yet practical to move weighing just 35kgs with its strong steel tubular design and is really the simplest ergonomic solution making light work of heavy applications. For a winning combination in Commercial Vehicle it works well with the CP7782-6 1” Impact Wrench with the full teasing trigger and three power settings in each direction. Delivering a maximum torque of 2600Nm.