CEAT, the Tyre Manufacturer, Announces Personnel Change at the Top of R&D

Global Indian tyre manufacturer CEAT, has confirmed that Renji Issac, Senior Vice President R&D and Technology in India will take over from Peter Becker, Senior Vice President R&D and Technology from May 1. Becker was globally responsible for quality tyre development and implementation in Europe from July 2017 to April 30, 2023. He has driven product and brand development and set benchmarks. CEAT tire are a worldwide household name and in segments also in Europe. Especially truck and agricultural tyres among others have already achieved a significant market share due to their excellent product quality.

In the future, the group intends to become more involved in the European passenger car market and to further expand the OE segment. Frank Gilsdorf, General Manager CETC, will be responsible for the European Development Department from May 1. With his many years of experience and expertise, Becker will continue to be available to the R&D Technology and Group Strategy departments in an advisory capacity as they implement the ambitious growth targets in Europe.

The company is convinced that a higher product presence for its passenger car tyres and greater brand awareness in the European market can be achieved. Specifically for these high and individual quality requirements, summer tyres for passenger cars, SUVs and vans, winter tyres for passenger cars and SUVs, and all-season tyres have already been on sale for some time.

Renji Issac Pictured left and Frank Gilsdorf right