Ceat Specialty Broadens Its Premium Torquemax Range

Introducing The Versatile VF Offering For Top Of The Line Tractors

With farmers investing in tyres that offer greater operational efficiencies, today’s generation of farm tyres must be designed to carry more weight, work on lesser inflation pressure to reduce soil compaction, provide consistent performance during long working days on the fields and perform well on the roads at higher speeds for longer distances than ever before. The high horsepower tractors need technically advanced tyres to transition swiftly between these activities.

The new TORQUEMAX VF range from CEAT Specialty is a powerhouse performer equipped to deliver on all the VF technology parameters and more.  Its special design features & robust construction with increased sidewall flexibility, enables the vehicle to carry forty percent more load than a standard tyre at the same pressure. Alternatively, in the field, the pressure of VF tyres can be lowered by forty percent compared to standard tyres, even when carrying the same load. The lower-pressure tyres produce a larger tyre footprint, which reduce compaction and hence improve yield. While too little tyre pressure and a too high load can quickly lead to damage for standard tyres, for TORQUEMAX VF tyres the tough casing, sidewall flexibility and rigid belt lower the risk of deformation and damage.  In addition, the TORQUEMAX VF tyre houses a stepped lug design providing excellent traction and reduced slippage, thereby improving the fuel economy of the tractor.

CEAT Specialty will soon be launching its exciting new range of VF tyres for sprayers, a new range of agro-industrial tyres and a new addition to its flotation radial range of tyres. Stay tuned..