CEAT Awarded Deming Grand Prize

CEAT, one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers, has been awarded the “Deming Grand Prize” for implementing the highest Total Quality Management (TQM) standards making it the first tyre brand in the world to receive this rare distinction in 2023.

The Deming Grand Prize is an illustrious honour for organizations that have achieved the Deming Prize and have continued to sustain and elevate their Total Quality Management (TQM) practices for more than three years. CEAT has been on the TQM journey for over fifteen years and was the first tyre company outside Japan to win the prestigious Deming Prize in 2017.

Deming Grand was introduced in 1969 and is one of the longstanding quality awards presented by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) for excellence in Total Quality Management (TQM). CEAT is one of only 33 companies worldwide to win this honour and the only tyre brand on a global stage.

A 360-degree audit is completed for the award. All areas of a company, including distributors and suppliers, are intensively audited.

Mr. Arnab Banerjee, MD & CEO, CEAT Ltd said “We are extremely delighted with this achievement. Winning this prize reflects our robust business systems and processes, leading to the creation of highly reliable and dependable products and services every time. This is delivered through involvement of every employee and all stakeholders making it truly partnership based. We believe that CEAT’s customer-centric approach and superior quality standards have played a critical role in winning us this honour.”

The high standards of this award are reflected in the high quality of CEAT products, which are positively evaluated in the market worldwide. Now the brand-new All-Season tyre
CEAT 4 SeasonDrive+, specially developed for the European market, has been tested in the latest tyre test of AutoBild. In the rating, the good mileage and the reasonable price were highlighted and the quiet rolling noise is also one of its strengths. As a result, this tyre convinces in our regions with an attractive price-performance ratio.

CEAT intends to massively expand its market presence in Europe, with excellent products, efficient distribution channels and reliable supply chains. The company develops top quality tyres in its innovative R&D centres with powerful AI simulation systems. Frankfurt is home to the customer service for Europe, with competent contacts for tyre dealers or the automotive industry.