Combining the operational responsiveness of digital tablet technology with ‘best of breed’ integrated tyre management software, the new Fitter-Force platform from CAM will remove many back-office costs and inaccuracies associated with the manual completion of service work for small to medium-sized fleet tyre service operators, while also improving customer service through operational responsiveness.

Fitter-Force is founded on the e-jobsheet open-access, digital tablet-based service work exchange platform, presenting an end-to-end view of fleet service operations from work request through to job completion and subsequent payment, on a job-by-job basis.  Fitter-Force will incorporate a diary system for effective resources (including mobile fitters) planning, job launch (to the e-jobsheet app), pricing, purchasing, stock control, invoicing and accounting as well as a full featured Point of Sale capability and comprehensive views of customer service activities by account.

Mike Allen, managing director of CAM, says, “The intention is to create an easy-to-use software platform that is easily accessed via a rented, hosted arrangement, and provides small to medium sized fleet tyre service players with an integrated system which meets all of their field service and in-depot work requirements.  Stock management is a particular strength. Job details are transmitted to and from the e-jobsheet tablet app and upon job completion by fitters this transactional data will be systematically updated into the integrated stock, billing and accounting system.”