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CAM Puts Community First with ‘Match Me’

As part of CAM’s ongoing corporate social responsibility programme, it is launching a new initiative in March called ‘Match Me’. This new social impact programme has been designed to support the charitable efforts that its employees undertake in their own timeto benefit their communities and the organisations within them.

The programme will provide employees with a ‘Match Me’ guarantee aligned with volunteering and fundraising. For volunteering, CAM will donate up to two days paid ‘volunteering leave’ to the employee, which is based on the hours they have spent working with the charity or organisation of their choice. For fundraising opportunities, CAM has committed to match each employee’s charitable donation up to the value of £1,000.

Ryan Naughton, director of CAM, says, “Our employees already carry out considerable fundraising and volunteering within their local communities and we want to encourage them to do more. We see ‘Match Me’ as a way we can recognise, amplify and support what they are doing, both internally and externally, so local charities and organisations are able to continue to provide services and opportunities that benefit so many different parts of the community.”