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Bridgestone Welcoming Motorists’ Acceleration Towards Electric Vehicles

A survey of 2,000 motorists by Bridgestone has confirmed that UK consumers are beginning to accelerate towards electric vehicle travel, with 67% preparing to ditch their petrol and diesel cars for good.

The UK YouGov survey[1] commissioned by Bridgestone confirms that transition is in the air, with over two-thirds stating that they’ll make the change and will not be keeping a standard vehicle (petrol/diesel) alongside it when they do.

The research confirmed that the majority see and acknowledge the benefits of EV travel, with:

  •  56% citing environmental positives
  • 47% looking forward to making fuel savings.
  • And a further 23% reference tax benefits as a reason for the switch
  • 13% are looking forward to a reduction in noise emissions as their primary reason.

In addition, 43% are keen to know more about EV maintenance and how it differs to standard makes and models.

Bridgestone has already developed its tyre technology to ensure that EVs can travel further between charges whilst prolonging battery life, and has also committed to install up to 3,500 new charging points across Europe over the next five years through a partnership with EV Box, with plans for the first of the EV Box roll-out in the UK set to be announced soon.

Bridgestone’s ENLITEN Technology, reduces the rolling resistance of a tyre by up to 30%, and weight by up to 20%.  It extends the driving range of EVs and also contributes to reducing environmental impact thanks to improved resource productivity. This not only ensures that less raw materials are used to manufacture the tyres, but also contributes to the reduced rolling resistance, meaning electric vehicles can do more miles per range and be recharged less.

And its TECHSYN technology extends the designed lifespan of a tyre by up to 30 per cent. As a result, TECHSYN reduces overall fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, enhances tread mileage6 to extend a tyre’s designed life and cuts raw material consumption in the long term.

The YouGov survey also suggests that UK motorists are well informed on changes ahead, with

  • 67% aware that all new car sales must be zero emission by 2035.
  • Of that figure, 22% are keen to see this target brought forward to 2030.
  • 27% would also like to learn new driving tips to help them get more from their electric vehicle.

Bridgestone North Region Vice President Andrea Manenti said the results offered further justification for the company’s commitment to EV travel.

“We are investing in our mobility solutions like never before, with new products, charging points and training in place for the full integration of EV travel.

“With this in mind, it is great to see that the general public are also on board with the technology and the huge changes that are beginning to be seen. Our original tyre fitments specifically engineered for EVs will reach 20% of our overall portfolio by 2024.

“We are investing to make electric mobility more efficient and accessible by pioneering premium tyres and tyre technologies for EVs and dedicated fleet and mobility solutions. We’re also partnering with leading EV manufacturers and developing an EV-ready retail and service network.”

“The survey tells me that we’re all moving in the same direction when it comes to EV travel and we’ll continue to push the boundaries to ensure that Bridgestone is a pioneering company in this area of mobility solutions.

[1] Bridgestone  YouGov electric vehicle survey commissioned January 2022.  2000 respondents across the UK