Bridgestone Highlight Important Safety Messages to Motorists in Tyre Safety Month

Bridgestone has renewed its plea for motorists to take extra care on the roads, courtesy of an informative new online safety portal to coincide with Tyre Safety Month.

Ahead of the clocks going back on Sunday October 30th, Bridgestone has created a consumer facing campaign to highlight to motorists how important it is to check your tyres. It drives motorists to a portal featuring tips and advice on correct pressures, tread depths and product recommendations in terms of picking the right tyre.

The digital destination, which can be found at, supports road safety charity TyreSafe and their month-long Safety Month, which asks the question: If your tyres don’t stop you, what will? 

Both Bridgestone and TyreSafe are asking drivers to consider the risks involved in not carrying out vital checks on their tyres, and the potentially tragic consequences if they needed to stop in an emergency and their tyres fail.

The online portal gives some quick-and-easy tips to check tyres in a matter of seconds and some facts and figures behind tyre inflation and how a vehicle’s handling, stability and fuel economy are affected as a result.

Bridgestone’s North Region Managing Director Andrea Manenti said: “With October being Tyre Safety Month, now is the perfect time to reinforce some critical messages about the importance of fitting premium products and maintaining them thereafter.

“Your tyres are the only point of contact between the road and your vehicle. It doesn’t matter what gadgets and safety features are fitted to a car if the tyres aren’t in good working order beneath the bonnet.”

Stuart Lovatt, TyreSafe Chair, said: “We appreciate the proactive work being carried out by Bridgestone. Their messages mirror our own here at TyereSafe. We need to keep building momentum around the subject of tyre safety and we welcome Bridgestone’s support, which arrives at the perfect time for us.

“Regular proactive care of your tyres not only saves lives, but also helps your tyres to perform better, last longer and save money.

For  more about TyreSafe’s October-long Tyre Safety Month, visit