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The TECH1000 has a high resolution colour screen, which can be used to present training videos and other key visual data. With its clear display and instructions, the tool is intuitive and incorporates an integral camera, which facilitates capture of mechanical damage to wheels, tyres or sensors. It further boasts the highest coverage of any TPMS tool on the market, including extensive on-board diagnostics (OBD) communications.

Bartec will also launch the TAP300, which is the first tool to combine TPMS, tread depth and direct pressure in one piece of equipment. It enables the tyre shop to maximise its efficiency and sales by capturing all chargeable events on the vehicle, from the moment it first arrives at the shop. Information can be displayed on either an Android or Windows tablet, enabling customers to discuss their own specific issues, thereby facilitating informed decision making and subsequent work authorisations. Both the TECH1000 and TAP300 have first-rate Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling automatic software and coverage updates, as well as interaction with host computers and Bartec’s secure, internet based system.

The Bartec Service Center will be unveiled at the Show. This cloud-based system is designed to improve service centre productivity, whilst creating a seamless and more personal customer experience. Data captured by Bartec’s tools, during front-of-shop inspections, include tread depth, wear pattern, TPMS,  battery and brake condition.

Bartec’s Service Center System represents a natural progression for tyre shops. Technicians have quickly adapted to using Bartec tools and over 15,000 tyre shops now use the Bartec TPMS Desktop PC package every day. The consumer market is also widely adopting use of mobile devices, such as tablets and Apps, which can be integrated into a company’s business processes. The new Service Center System can therefore create additional opportunities to sell tyres, alignments, TPMS sensors, service kits and other vehicle parts, helping to grow a tyre shop’s overall business.

To see a demonstration of Bartec’s new tools and Service Center System at The Tire Cologne, please visit Bartec’s Stand in Hall 8.1, B016:B018.