Banner Extends Battery Charger Range

Banner – one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of batteries and battery accessories – has once again demonstrated its technical prowess by extending its range of battery charges.

Serving to complement Banner’s existing range of start boosters, test and battery service items, the Power Company has launched the new Accucharger 15 A and 25 A. Representing the latest in professional chargers when it comes to performance, versatility and technology, the state-of-the-art Accucharger 15 A and 25 A are a must have charging and maintenance tool for end users, automotive workshops and garages.

As Banner’s Country Manager, Lee Quinney states: “Once again it is the advanced technology of the new Accuchargers that is the key differentiator. They offer a multi-stage charging programme that ensures that the optimum performance and longevity of both starter and vehicle electrical system batteries isn’t compromised. Moreover, with seven charging stages, a 16 V boost programme and a maximum charging current of 15 A or 25 A, they guarantee unrivalled performance.”

Key features of the Accuchargers include a supply mode that prevents the loss of vehicle data when batteries are changed, whilst also delivering protection against splash water and overcharging. In addition, integrated cooling ventilation ensures maximum safety and efficiency.

The new Accuchargers are suitable for charging all batteries employing 12V and 24V technologies (standard, Ca, start-stop EFB/AGM and GEL), including lithium (LiFePO4). This not only makes it possible to charge conventional vehicles, but also opens the door to charging e-vehicles such as e-scooters, e-carts and cars fitted with lithium starter/on-board batteries, not to mention long-term discharge batteries in the hobby and leisure sector.

Tip! For reliable performance, keep a close eye on battery care!

Frequent short journeys, irregular driving profiles and the daily use of additional electrical consumers can put a strain on the battery and impair its performance. Regular maintenance of the vehicle battery is advisable, especially following the challenges of winter. Combining battery charging with seasonal tyre changes in spring and autumn ensures trouble-free starting and long service life.

For further information on the Accucharger 15 A and 25 A, or any of Banner’s range of battery accessories, email Banner:, or telephone 01889 571100.