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Bandvulc Unveils Next-Generation BD5 Drive Tyre

Tyre retreading expert, Bandvulc, has unveiled its all new BD5 tyre at the inaugural Road Transport Expo 2022 in Stoneleigh. Engineered to deliver exceptional high-mileage performance in all conditions, the innovative new BD5 will replace the BD08 in the Bandvulc Fleetmaster range later this year.

To provide commercial operators with a tyre that has an extended mileage lifespan, Bandvulc is utilising its specially formulated Long-Life Tread+ rubber in the new BD5. The extremely hard-wearing, thermal-resistant compound is exclusive to the tyre, and will also help to reduce service costs and vehicle downtime.

Independent fleet trials commissioned by Bandvulc have proven that the next-generation BD5 tyre delivers a 40% increase in lifetime mileage than its predecessor in the long-haul range, the BD08 tyre.

Operators of the new BD5 tyre will also benefit from enhanced driving dynamics thanks to an all-new directional tread pattern. Extensive testing and refinement throughout the design process has resulted in a tread pattern that promotes greater grip and superior handling in both wet and dry conditions. The BD5’s tread is optimised to offer excellent water dispersion and the efficient ejection of stones through the outside grooves. Bandvulc has also secured 3PMSF accreditation for the new BD5 in both its sizes.


Tony Mailling, Head of Hot Retread Production EMEA, said: “Having produced retreads in the UK for 50 years, no one knows the road haulage industry quite like the team of Bandvulc engineers. BD5 is the durable, long-lasting, ultra-high mileage retread tyre that will benefit our customers in today’s market. Its hard-wearing compound will mean fewer tyre changes and the massively enhanced tread design will help to reduce energy loss – both critically important for operators looking to maximise efficiency and mitigate downtime.

“Our new BD5 showcases our design and engineering expertise, with our in-house team developing the bespoke characteristics of the tyre and carrying out an extensive programme of testing. BD5 proves that we have the capability to produce a tailored retread tyre that can exceed customer expectations.”

Bandvulc’s BD5 is available in 315/70R22.5 with the 315/80R22.5 size coming later this autumn.

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