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Bandag Completes Its Portfolio of Retread Solutions With Launch of Bandag Hotread

Bandag, a global leader in retreading solutions, part of Bridgestone, is expanding its portfolio of mold-cured retread activities with the launch of Bandag Hotread as answer to the full range of customer needs. Retread solutions such as Bandag’s product portfolio extend the life of premium casings while enhancing profitability for fleets. Retread products are a safe, cost-effective, and sustainable solution to extend the life of truck tyres.

Bandag Retreads extend the wear life and performance of premium tyres, delivering near-new tyre performance while lowering the total tyre cost per kilometre for fleet owners and managers.

With the launch of Hotread, Bandag will now offer both pre-cured and mold-cured retreads product solutions. These mold-cured retread tyres feature the same performance as the Bandag premium pre-cured tread range. Additionally, they will feature the new Bandag sidewall design, ensuring the tyres to have a look-like-new appearance.

David Almazán, Commercial Business Unit Director, North Region at Bridgestone EMIA, said: “Retreads currently represent 30 percent of the total commercial tyre market.  In response to market demand, we are now offering a complete range of retread solutions by adding Bandag Hotread to our European portfolio. With the Bandag Retread full offering, our fleet customers continue to benefit from a personalised, fast and localised solutions delivered to their doorstep through our Franchisee Dealer network which has some 80 locations throughout Europe. The extended life of premium casing is providing greater profitability for fleets while Bandag’s renowned quality products and new tyre appearance further compliments our tyre solutions portfolio. Bandag also helps fleets reduce their environmental footprint, by managing the future scarcity of raw materials and ensuring efficient use of key resources.”

The expansion of Bandag product portfolio aligns with the Bridgestone E8 Commitment that serves as the axis to drive management while earning the trust of future generations. For more than 60-years, Bandag’s advanced retreading solution has been helping customers save money by being sustainable.