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The Executive Board of Axle Group Holdings Limited have ratified a £12million, three-year inward investment strategy to help drive its business forward.

The strategy has 3 core pillars:

Firstly – investment in Axle’s network infrastructure which includes a significant capital investment in refurbishing its 240-strong branch portfolio.

Secondly – investment in equipment driven by technological advances and the increasing complexity of vehicle repairs, particularly within diagnostics and wheel alignment.

Thirdly – upgrading IT systems, which plays a pivotal role in the business helping to realise operational efficiencies and its e-commerce platforms, in order to improve the customer experience in this rapidly growing channel.

Alan Revie, Chairman of Axle Group commented, “The Board are united in their desire to strengthen investment in the Group. We have an extremely robust and well run business and we feel this is the right time to announce our investment strategy to help drive the company to a new level. I will also be making a further announcement in the coming months regarding our acquisition strategy.

“We believe this is the ideal time to further grow the size of the network and benefit from the economies of scale that come from the existing organisational structure; management expertise; brand strength and logistics capability.”