Avon Tyres’ Motorcycle Brand Accelerates into the Future as Part of Goodyear Family

Avon Tyres, one of the motorcycle industry’s longest-established tyre brands, will receive a fresh focus as part of the wider Goodyear group of brands. Having incorporated Avon into its family in 2022, Goodyear is looking ahead to the future with a reinvigorated approach to the Avon brand.

Now sitting alongside the Dunlop brand in Europe, the incorporation of Avon into Goodyear’s portfolio gives European bikers an even more comprehensive offering than before, with industry-leading products across all sectors of the motorcycle market. The new, more focused, Avon range includes the Cobra Chrome tyre for cruiser and custom bikes, as well as the popular Roadrider MKII which sits as a complementary offering alongside Dunlop’s strong sports tour- ing range.

Furthermore, Avon will continue to produce the 3D SUPERSPORT hypersport tyre, Spirit ST and Streetrunner sport touring products, Trailrider and Trekrider for adventure use, Safety Mileage MKII and Speedmaster MKII classic designs, and the Viper Stryke for scooters. This focus on key designs ensures the Avon brand still offers riders its most popular products, sitting as a strong partner offering alongside the Dunlop range, which covers everything from off-road to hypersport tyres and everything in between.

Goodyear’s long-term strategy for its two famous motorcycle tyre brands fo- cuses on further developing its motorcycle centre of excellence in Montlucon, France, where many of the premium products in the Dunlop range are currently developed alongside World Championship level racing tyres for Moto2TM and the FIM Endurance World Championship.

Ben Hoge, General Manager, Motorcycle Europe, Goodyear, stated: “Dunlop and Avon have proud histories and exciting futures. The ranges are highly comple- mentary and meaningfully differentiated, so this gives us the opportunity to offer a wider selection of tyres, with one of the youngest product portfolios in the industry, to the trade and riders alike.

“As we plan for 2024 and beyond, we will reveal new product lines, technology upgrades and clear market positioning for both brands.”

In addition to this continued commitment to motorcycle tyres, the Avon brand will remain a key part of Goodyear’s portfolio in the passenger vehicle segment.