Avon Tyres Launches 3D Supersport Hypersport Tyre

Avon Tyres has launched the latest member of its motorcycle range: Avon 3D SUPERSPORT, a hypersport tyre developed on the track and road to give riders exceptional grip, handling and stability.

Designed, developed and made in the UK at the Cooper Tire European Technical Centre in Melksham, Avon 3D SUPERSPORT brings together grip and longevity to offer riders of sports bikes and superbikes a superb hypersport package.

Three key technologies make up 3D SUPERSPORT’s hypersport credentials. The tyre’s advanced pattern design generates extensive grip by enhancing its contact with the road. This is achieved by a brand-new tread pattern with an increased ‘land to sea’ ratio, meaning an increased amount of tyre footprint and smaller tread pattern compared to the predecessor.

3D SUPERSPORT’s track-developed construction optimises handling, stability and feedback for the rider by bringing a sense of the race track to the road. While the tyre is designed for riders who predominantly ride on the road, Avon Tyres’ development team has carried out extensive on-track testing to ensure that 3D SUPERSPORT delivers thrilling and reliable performance when riders do take it on a track day.

Avon Tyres’ state-of-the-art Silica Dual Compound technology ensures that riders benefit from maximum grip without compromising on longevity. The rear tyre features a more durable compound in the middle for increased mileage when riding upright and a softer compound on the edges, delivering better grip when cornering.

3D SUPERSPORT has been launched in six sizes: one front and five rear. These include two rear sizes that are brand new to Avon Tyres in the hypersport segment (180/60ZR17 and 200/55ZR17) ensuring fitments for a wide range of sports and superbikes.

Ashley Vowles, Motorcycle Tyre Development Manager, Avon Tyres says: “With 3D SUPERSPORT, we are offering riders a hypersport tyre featuring the latest technology to deliver excellent grip, handling and stability, without compromising on durability and wet weather performance. It is ideal for bikers who predominantly ride on the road, but might take part in the occasional track day. Compared to its predecessor 3D Ultra Evo, 3D SUPERSPORT’s tread pattern is brand-new, taking the tyre slightly towards the more aggressive end of the hypersport segment, in line with the demands of the latest superbikes and sports bikes.”

For more information about Avon Tyres, go to www.avontyres.com.