Apollo Tyres Launches New Gen Agri Tyres

Apollo Tyres has launched the new generation Agriculture tyres, in the presence of farmers and the business partners in Chandigarh, in the northern part of India. Application wise, the new ‘VIRAT’ range is an allrounder, with superior performance in both Agri and Haulage segments, and is available in both, front and rear fitments.

The new Apollo VIRAT tyre has been developed as an allrounder product with 20 lugs, which provides strong grip and long life in both soft and hard soil conditions. The VIRAT range, in addition to improving the productivity of the tractors and reducing their downtime, also matches the aesthetics of the new tractor models. While this product will cater to all the markets, some of the larger ones which the company will specifically look at for this product, are Punjab, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan, MP, Maharashtra, AP and Karnataka.

Speaking at the launch, Rajesh Dahiya, Vice President, Marketing, Sales & Service (India, SAARC & Oceania), Apollo Tyres Ltd said, “We have captured the voice of our primary customers — the Farmers, from across the country before developing this product. For both, Agri and Haulage the primary requirement is of traction, which we have benchmarked against the best in the industry. The visual appeal of the new VIRAT range matches with the aesthetic requirements of the new age tractors’ stylish designs, and of the next gen farmers.”

Apollo VIRAT offers highly differentiated proposition with its new lug design, distinguished lug geometry, new gen aesthetics and superior performance. These tyres have more rubber deployed in the wearing zone for even wear and longer tyre life. The curved lug geometry and rounder groove profile towards the shoulder ensures faster mud removal from bucket area between lugs for a stronger grip. The dual tapered lug design makes the tyre less prone to punctures, resulting in reduced downtime.

The tight lines, sharp edges and uniformly varying cross-sectional area of lugs, along with the sidewall design with bold fonts and bold crop mnemonic on shoulders, provides a unique aesthetic design to Apollo VIRAT.