Apollo Tyres Expands EnduRace RD2 Truck and Bus Tyre Range with Two New Sizes

Apollo Tyres is expanding its range of EnduRace RD2 truck and bus tyres, adding two new sizes, 315/70 and 295/80, to the highly-successful product line-up.

Available exclusively for 22.5-inch wheels, the standard for modern commercial truck and bus tyres, the Apollo ‘Regional Drive’-application tyre provides better traction and excellent all-weather performance, reduced rolling resistance, and enhanced mileage and durability.

Produced in Europe, the EnduRace RD2 represents a premium yet affordable solution for truck operators and is suitable for medium- and long-distance transport. The tyre delivers outstanding grip in wet and winter conditions and is certified for snow grip with the ‘three peak mountain and snowflake’ symbol.

The tyre is equipped with a unique groove tread pattern with Multi-Edge shoulder blocks, which provides optimised performance on slippery surfaces. Even patterns of wear across the tread are achieved thanks to a wider contact area, affording uniform pressure distribution, assisting with durability and rolling resistance. The reinforced casing contributes to the improved durability – 1.7 times greater than the European regulatory requirement – and enhanced tear resistance.

John Nikhil Joy, Cluster Director Europe – Truck & Bus Tyres, at Apollo Tyres, said: “Since its launch in 2021, the EnduRace RD2 truck tyre has provided customers with superior levels of traction and durability in the highly competitive truck and bus sector. The continued success and sustained demand for the EnduRace RD2 range has led to this launch of new variants of the product, in dimensions larger and smaller than the original.

“Unlike many other manufacturers, who only test the master tyre size before launch, Apollo Tyres conducts thorough testing across all tyre sizes throughout the development process. This ensures that all our tyres, including size extensions later, offer optimum performance and value to our customers.”

The original 315/80 R22.5 EnduRace RD 2 was launched in August last year, receiving critical acclaim across the European truck and bus sector. The 315/70 R22.5 variant will be launched in July, ahead of the 295/80 R22.5 variant in March 2023. Apollo Tyres will also launch the second generation of 17.5-inch tyres in 2024, which is used today by approximately 15% of the European truck and bus sector.

To find out more about the Apollo Tyres EnduRace RD2 range, visit: https://www.apollotyres.com/en-gb/truck-and-bus-tyres/