Alliance 590 Sets the Bar

Seven new sizes of the Alliance 590 set the bar in terms of versatility and performance in agricultural and construction transport applications. As a global leader in flotation tyres, Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (YOHT) introduces new sizes of this heavy-duty radial flotation tyre for trailers, tankers, etc. With eight sizes altogether, its higher non-skid depth and in part also higher load index, the Alliance 590 performs greatly in its segment.

“We are proud that Yokohama Off-Highway Tires stands for profound expertise, i.e. the industry’s largest portfolio of flotation tyres for trailers, tankers, etc. The extent of the range, its multi-application flexibility along with the tyre’s excellent performance and durability give evidence of superb value for money – a fact that is underlined by our 10-year warranty”, highlights Angelo Noronha, President Europe at ‎Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (YOHT).

Endurance runner with high load carrying capacity

The heavy-duty radial flotation pattern Alliance 590 was designed to specifically meet the requirements of all kinds of transportation operations in agriculture and construction. This flotation tyre features a robust, reinforced steel-belted construction for improved strength and better puncture protection, thus enabling it to gently handle heavy loads in fields, on roads and on construction sites. The high rubber to void ratio of the non-directional tread ensures optimum grip and traction as well as lower soil pressure in the field along with a smooth and comfortable ride on the road. At the same time, low deflection along with superior cut and chip resistant compounds allow for high stability and lasting operation on various surfaces. Excellent self-cleaning characteristics also result from the unique tread design with its high tread depth, open channels and aggressive shoulders with wide openings.

Met by great customer satisfaction

Renowned Irish trailer manufacturer Broughan Engineering Ltd. supplied by Kirkby Tyres, the exclusive distributor of Yokohama Off-Highway Tires’ (YOHT) Alliance brand in the UK and Ireland, has complete assemblies including the Alliance 590. Alistair Mc Gregor at Castleview Plant, a family run business located in Central Scotland, acquired new Broughan trailers – and expresses his satisfaction: “I recently added 3 more Broughan trailers to my stock, supplied from GRT MACHINERY LTD, and I’m very pleased that they were all fitted out on the Alliance 560/60R22.5 590 Heavy Duty 169D TL tyres. The performance of these tyres exceeds anything I have used in the past, and they cope very well in the rough conditions that they are asked to work in. They offer very good traction, especially on sloping ground when loading the trailers. The 590’s block pattern also has excellent self-cleaning properties, helping to kick off-off the mud before you get out of the yard and onto the road. Once on the road there is a smoother drive with good handling and no bouncing like other brands I’ve tried. The 590 pattern tyres with their heavy load carrying capability are proving to be a great addition and aiding my customers to getting their jobs done.”

New sizes launched

Seven new sizes extend the Alliance 590 tyre range. The original launch size was 560/60R22.5. The new sizes are: 600/55R26.5, 650/60R26.5, 650/55R26.5, 600/60R30.5, 650/65R30.5, 710/50R30.5 and 750/60R30.5. “Alliance 590 was built to offer new dimensions of versatility, performance and productivity for all transportation requirements – be it in agriculture or construction. It sums up to a perfect ‘winning-package’ and clear benefits for end-users”, concludes Angelo Noronha.