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Alliance 579 – New Perfect Tyre for Vineyards and Orchards

To coincide with the Agritechnica 2019, Alliance is introducing a new segment into its agricultural portfolio – lawn, garden and turf segment. The new Alliance 579 embodies an innovative tyre concept for the medium and smaller-size utility and narrow-track tractors operating in grassed areas, vineyards and orchards.

Developed specifically for this type of work, the Alliance 579 features an innovative radial design with robust woven belts and a new R3+ tread. This “plus” stands for a much deeper tread to ensure a significantly better traction than R3 but at the same time minimal possible soil compaction and plant/crop damage. Among its other distinctive attributes are the large number of lugs, a steep centreline angle, and a smooth, open channel. In combination, these properties deliver efficient and reliable grip, a long service life, and excellent self-cleaning.

Perfect crop and soil protection with a view to avoiding soil damage and protecting crops, the new Alliance 579 possesses a raft of further innovative design details, including a rounded, open shoulder. The radial construction gives rise to an ideal footprint alongside reduced soil pressure, enhanced traction and optimal rolling behaviour. As a multi-purpose radial tyre, the Alliance 579 possesses a lug-to-void tread ratio of almost 50:50%, which ensures the best self-cleaning properties and careful treatment of the plants.

Mixed-service tyre Thanks to its unique tread, the Alliance 579 is suitable for a wide variety of applications and, in most cases, can serve as a substitute for conventional R1, R3 or R4 tyres. Given its favourable price and long service life, the overall operating costs are very low.

Alliance is offering the new 579 in multiple sizes for mounting on front and rear axles, from 220/55R12 for the front up to 420/70R24 for the rear. The initial launch portfolio comprises ten different sizes. “We have identified a growing demand from our agricultural customers in an innovative turf application solution.

As a full-line manufacturer with the most extensive agricultural portfolio in the industry, Alliance is happy to offer the best-in-class solution in this segment,” explains Angelo Noronha, President EMEA at ATG. The European market launch is synchronized with the trade show Agritechnica 2019.