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In the row crop season farmers face many challenges; stress on the soil, more time running on the road, and the increasingly frequent need to work in less-than-ideal weather conditions. ATG asked its’ end customers what would make their row crop work even more efficient, faster and more comfortable. The key points were: better quality of drive, less soil compaction and smoother ride.

ATG’s answer to those needs is Alliance 363 with very high flexion (VF) technology which enables working with higher tyre deflection, providing up to 40% higher load carrying capacity for the same inflation pressure as regular tyres.

Peter Baur, President of Alliance Tire Group in Europe said: “At ATG we work to deliver better value and quality products that make for a smarter choice for our customers. The row crop and planting season is extremely demanding and productivity, as well as comfort during long hours of work, are key. We have designed 363 VF as a response to these seasonal challenges, but what’s the most important, with our end customers’ needs in mind. We wanted to engineer a product that supports drivers of heavy loaded crop machines. With more efficiency, lower costs and greater durability of the tyre, farmers can be sure their planting and spraying activities are successful, season by season.”