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Absolute Alignment has an all-new manufacturer approved Bluetooth commercial vehicle wheel aligner, for use on HGVs to passenger cars, available now for demonstration and delivery in the UK.

This is the only Bluetooth wheel alignment equipment currently available, in this country, that can perform four wheel alignment on every car and truck that may enter a workshop.

Farnborough-based Absolute Alignment has tried and tested its Bluetooth commercial vehicle wheel aligner for use on multi-axle trucks, as well as Transit vans, mini buses and trailers. Such a versatile aligner can be hugely profitable for garages and is a very popular machine with commercial dealers, as it makes wheel alignment simple and cost effective for the whole fleet.

Chris Dear, Absolute Alignment’s Technical Director, said, “As a new product for the UK market place, this commercial vehicle aligner has brought professional truck wheel alignment to a lower price point. It’s quick and easy to use, giving manufacturer approved equipment to commercial workshops.”

Set a datum point from one axle on a multi-axle vehicle, then the entire truck can be aligned from that single point for a fast and efficient wheel alignment process. This allows garages to align twin rear axle, also known as twin steer, vehicles using this latest wheel alignment technology. Each head has a remote control to allow the full alignment process to be run from any corner of the vehicle.

Featuring no run out truck wheel clamps, this aligner saves 20 minutes per operation. The direct contact charging and calibration system also allows the whole alignment package to be cable free to help maintain a safe workshop environment. Extra-long front alignment heads enable its use on both commercial vehicles and passenger cars, with the latest software allowing for unlimited axles.

The unit comes with the latest graphics program and lightweight long-life measuring heads with a metal chassis to ensure durability. Fast fitting, easily removable clamps attach the heads securely to each wheel without damaging either the rim or the tyre.

Absolute Alignment’s Bluetooth commercial vehicle wheel aligner does not require a dedicated wheel alignment ramp and is fully mobile around the workshop. It is supplied with commercial wheel clamps, front turn plates, 24″ wheel clamps, a steering wheel clamp, brake pedal clamp, a PC, monitor and colour printer, the latest inbuilt database and a 12-month warranty, plus full on-site training.

In order to align a trailer, a bespoke trailer bar has to be used with the wheel aligner – this is a separate product available to purchase from Absolute Alignment.