A Tyre-iffic Display to Support Local Children

During the pandemic, Hull based company Endyke Tyres have been creating incredible “Tyre Art” displays to show their support for various causes. The displays have included a thank you to the NHS, an ode to Sir Captain Tom and a message to “Stay Home”.  The company shared the displays on their Facebook Page to bring some cheer during lockdown and they have proved to be very popular with the local community. Now, they are back with their 8th instalment and this time, it has an exciting twist!

This time, the display is to mark children returning to school on the 8th March. This display includes a familiar character- the Michelin Man, but he’s had a bit of a makeover. As a nod to schools and local charity Hull and East Yorkshire (HEY) Children’s University, he is sporting a graduation mortarboard on his head and has the word “School” spelled out beneath him.

In collaboration with partners Bush Tyres, and tyre supplier Michelin Tyre PLC, the husband-and-wife team at Endyke Tyres, Adam and Ashleigh Michaels created the display out of hundreds of tyres.

As Endyke Tyres is a family business, Adam and Ashleigh have dedicated the giant tyre artwork to local schools and kids.

Adam had heard about the “Stop the Digital Divide” campaign ran by HEY Children’s University and heard how 865 local families didn’t have a device at home to aid their children’s learning.

The 3 companies have donated 6 brand new Apple iPad devices to HEY Children’s University to be given to schools that need them the most. The “Michelin Man” Bibendum was happy to hand over the devices to Charlie, the HEY Children’s University mascot.

Adam Michaels of Endyke Tyres explained why he chose to support the campaign:  “Lots of local families are not fortunate enough to be able to provide their own laptops and tablets, so when we heard that the Children’s University had been doing a great job in providing much needed devices, we just had to get involved. “

“We are so excited to be able to help the charity and we know they will make sure the devices end up in the hands of the ones that need it most, our local children”

HEY Children’s University has now donated over 800 devices to local schools since the end of January and has raised over £100,000 as part of their campaign.

Rose James, Partnership Manager at HEY Yorkshire Children’s University said that the iPads would make a huge difference to local children, “Even with the children returning to school this week, there will still be occasions where children will need to isolate at home, so these devices are going to help those children join their lessons from home and keep them learning.”

“We are incredibly grateful to Endyke Tyres for their donation towards our campaign and we think the tyre displays are fantastic”